Concrete Catwalk // Dinner Guest

this is what i wear/bring if you invite me over for dinner:
i look a little disheveled in these photos, but i'm blaming the wind.
my necklace is off-kilter, and those socks were not supposed to show
(at least they didn't have cartoon critters all over them or something).
speaking of critters...
this is muffin.
we're not sure if it's a boy or a girl, but it has lived
in our neighborhood since last summer and she is seriously the sweetest thing...
SUPER tame, loves saying hi to our dog, and comes when you call her.
she has miraculously lasted all winter (we think someone feeds her regularly)
but i'm sure she'd love a home to call her own and some care and affection.
i think she'd do best in a home where she could still spend time outdoors,
(which is why we haven't taken her in), and she seems great with other animals.
we're pretty sure she is just under a year old,
because she was a pretty small kitten when we first met her,
so she still has a lot of life to live!
if you are even remotely interested, and would like to meet her
feel free to send me an email.
hope you have a great weekend!!!
denim shirt - j. crew
necklace - vintage, garage sale
skirt - vintage, thrifted
socks - j. crew
boots - steve madden
satchel - vintage
vino - tamari