Trendwatch | 2011 Academy Awards

alright, i'll make this fairly quick because overall,
i was very bored with the dress choices from last night.(especially compared to the globes, which i thought were awesome.)
 my favorite, by far, was cate blanchett's dress.
it was very different, and i felt like i could have stared at it for hours.
loved the color, but would have liked to see her have on a bright color lip or something.
not a fan of the pale makeup, pale hair, pale dress look.


gwyneth's dress was gorgeous, and despite the folks who said she looked like a fembot,
i thought it was glam, and again, a departure from the norm.
i definitely would have considered wearing something like this.
i did, however, think that she could have used some more volume in her hair.
i know the stick straight thing is kind of her "look"
but even a slight wave would have softened the overall ensemble.


mila's dress was beautiful. loved the cut, the draping, and the color,
but didn't love the peek-a-boo lace down the skirt.


i keep going back and forth on michelle williams dress.
all of the pictures i could find make it look like a silvery white color,
but i thought it looked more baby blue on tv.
the sleeves were different, and i thought they worked,and the column shape looks great on her.
i have always loved her hair that way,
but did anyone else think it looked like she had her lips done recently?
during the interviews i saw, she looked like she was having a hard time moving them.
(i thought the same thing about sandra bullock... thoughts?)


i cannot even believe i am including celine dion in this list, but i thought she looked fantastic.
the floor length and long sleeves were age appropriate, and i thought her hair was much softer
and more youthful than we've seen in the past.
more silver, though, which i'm only just "meh" about.
there was so much of it last night! where was all of the color?


there's so much to say about the hosts from last night, but i don't even want to go into it.
(ok fine: anne is a MAJOR dork and james was totally high.)
out of all anne's costume changes, the following two were my definite favorites:
love the color, the interesting beaded pattern, and the neckline.
not everyone loved this last one, but i think if i had to pick one dress to wear
to wear to my next red carpet event (HA),
it would be this one (out of the options we saw last night).
cobalt blue is one of my favorite colors, i'm a sucker for a strong shoulder,
and of course - i think you pretty much can't go wrong with bright pink lipstick.
ok, so i'm dying to know what you thought about everything!!
which looks were your faves? did you hate any dresses?
can you tell me where all the color went?!?!
let's dish about it in the comments! XOXO