Concrete Catwalk // Pink & Red


i've been wearing pink & red a WHOLE lot over the past week
(you'll see why tomorrow!)
but this is definitely my favorite look of them all.
i wore this outfit to a dinner party last thursday
they invited a handful of local KC folks
to discuss the upcoming trends and innovations
across numerous creative industries.
speaking with the other guests 
and sharing our ideas and concepts with each other was so fun,
and i left feeling excited and inspired.
back to the clothes at hand:
this post is a perfect segue to tomorrow's special saturday feature
when i'll be posting the 5th episode of style spice.
can you guess what the theme is??? ;) 
blouse - vintage, thrifted
necklace - j. crew (pressie from g)
skirt - H&M
tights - j. crew
heels - aldo
leopard coat - vintage, boomerangs