Peppery Picks // Fashion Loves People!


if you follow me on twitter, you may already knowhow much i heart fashion loves people... and that's why i'm so thrilled to be sharingthe launch of their fabulous new shirt design today!for the special occasion, there are four fanTAStic jewelry designers that have joined in on the excitement...

early jewelry (another local gal and major fave), manimal, alyson fox and adoura demode all have limited-editions and pre-releases of their work in the fashion loves people online shop, and THAT, my friends, makes for some PREEEEEETY amazing one-stop-shopping.

some of my favorite things about all of flp's tees (i already have two, including this one)is that they are SOOO soft and that the artistic designs are based upon the fabulous vintage illustrations of j. kirk davis.

best of all, 5% of proceeds benefit the not for sale campaign, fighting human trafficking in the u.s. and abroad. be sure to take a peek at flp to see all of the pieces, and again, there are limited amounts,so scurry over while there's still time!xoxo