Introducing // Style & Pepper!


i've got exciting news, folks - and i'll cut right to the chase! i'd like to announce the launch of my newest project, style & pepper!i've been so blessed by all of the wonderful people that i have met through the concrete catwalk, and some of my favorite new friends have fabulously become wardrobe and personal styling clients as well... what fun!much of my spare time over the past few months has been spent hard at work on this new little endeavor of mine, and i am so pleased to officially introduce it to you, my dear readers.instead of trying to explain it all here, i'll encourage you to hop over to the website for a full explanation. (UPDATE: the original site is no longer active, but most info can be found on the "hire me" page here!)  i'll still be posting here at tcc as usual, so don't go anywhere, and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!XOXO - jessie