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Trendwatch // Full Skirts

I’m sure some of you may be shaking your heads right now, but I’m totally smitten with this chica’s look!  I have a history with headpieces (specifically turbans!), love a great statement necklace (or two!) and have been dying to try this flouncy midi-skirt trend for myself.

I’m still trying to decide exactly how I’ll style it up, so I’ve been looking for a little inspiration around the web, and can’t wait to ask Miss Anna Cottrell of Tulip Louise (our Pepperologie Fashion Expert) what she thinks during the Q&A of her session next week!  If even one tiny little smidgen of her stunning style (or sweetness!) rubs off on me, I’ll be a happy gal.  :) Very excited to hear what she has to say about the trends that will be big for summer and how we can style them up for ourselves. 

Ok, now – BACK to the skirts… keep reading for a few more inspiration photos and check out the shoppable options I’ve included for you below! 

Keeping things simple and chic, Blair does blocky stripes on top and a burst of bold neon color on the bottom.  Black pumps and minimal jewelry help her pull it off while staying just as sophisticated as always.

This one is a little too bundled up for the coming season, but the funky mixed prints and mirrored shades could stay for summer, and then you could swap in a simple white tee instead of that cozy sweatshirt as it gets warmer!

A quirky mixture of sugary sweet gingham and a military-inspired jacket, paired with a graphic tee and sexy heels, provides a nice balance and keeps things from looking over the top.

Which look above is your favorite??  Have you tried the trend for yourself, yet?  I’m still trying to decide if that pretty little plaid number below needs to come live with me for a while. :)

one // two // three // four // five

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      Concrete Catwalk // Lake Living

      Last weekend at the lake, we snuck away for a chance to snap some shots that are much more casual than they are chic, and at first I wasn’t sure if I should even bother sharing them here with you.  After thinking about it, I realized that they might be helpful in showing that by giving just a tiny bit of thought into your look, you can still feel put together while relaxing by the water!

      Keep reading for more shots and the shopping breakdown below…

      Looking for more casual inspiration?  Check out some of my past tied-turban styles, and see a few of my other cut-off outfits here in our old ‘hood, here at the park & here at the beach!

      Top to Bottom:
      Silk scarf (via my turban how-to) – J. Crew (similar)
      Necklace – Vintage, thrifted (similar)
      Tank – Gap (similar)
      Nail art – Custom snakeprint by Miss Pop!
      Cut-offs – Self-made from J. Crew toothpick jeans (similar)
      Bracelets – Vintage, various
      Sandals – J. Crew (similar)

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