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Sunday Sprinkles // Wanderlust

Guys, I’m so excited for this week… We’re going on vacation! 

We’re headed to Kansas City on Tuesday for a few jam-packed days of fun with some of our dearest friends (and to make sure we still remember how to ride our scooter!), and then are headed to spend the rest of the week lazing on the lake with G’s family in southern Missouri. 

While I do love the fact that I’m able to travel often for work, it will be the first real time off I’ve taken since the holidays, and I can’t WAIT to unplug a bit.  We’ve actually got a handful of fun trips planned for the rest of the Summer, and with all of the daydreaming and prep for upcoming getaways, I’ve definitely got adventure on the brain.

If this week’s Sunday Sprinkles don’t give you at least a tiny whiff of wanderlust, then you must have pretty strong roots wherever you are.  Check out some of my favorite travel worthy tips below, and let me know if you’re headed anywhere fun yourself!

ONE // A guide to some great cities in just a 12 hour trip… I’m thinking Vancouver – anyone with me?

TWO // Want to keep working on your fitness while you’re on the road?  This simple 20 min workout can be done nearly anywhere!

THREE // Eight different recipes for my favorite travel snack of all time!

FOUR // I upgraded my own luggage tag earlier this week, but I love that this cheeky set would help you spot your suitcase from a long ways away!

FIVE // Life in a 1970’s double decker bus?  Yes, please.  Can you even imagine?!

Ps. Check out my own travel must-haves and packing essentials from posts past, and let us know in the comments what you could never dream of leaving home without!

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    Sunday Sprinkles // Puppy Love

     Looks like we’ve got a bit of a diva on our hands…

    Proud Mama moment, here…  Miss Sadie Mae made her big debut in this month’s HGTV Magazine!  We loved sharing about our favorite activities and local spots in the June issue (on newsstands now), and are even more excited that it’s the first of a two-part series, so stay tuned to the mag for the August feature!

    In honor of our little angel, today’s Sunday Sprinkles are devoted to all things doggie-related, and you’ll have to let me know if you can think of any other great puppy resources in the comments below!

    • It’s no secret that the team at Design Sponge loves animals, and this round-up of pets posing for past Sneak Peek features is an instant pick-me-up if you need a quick dose of cute!
    • I only just discovered this blog a few months ago, and if you’re a devoted dog-mama like I am, you will LOVE the resources, recipes & fun features over on a site that is completely focused on our precious fur-babies.
    • Sadie loves an eye-catching pattern just as much as her mom, and has been asking for this adorable black and white striped leash ever since “making it big.”  (I told her she has to wait for Christmas.)
    • You’ve heard of those monthly subscription services that send you a few fabulous things every four weeks?  Well, now your pup can have their own Bark Box to look forward to, and you can feel good about 10% of the profits go towards local pet shelters.
    • Our absolute favorite bouncy chew toys are by Zogoflex and have a lifetime guarantee for those of us with pups that can gnaw through ANYthing.  We buy ours at Olive Green Dog, and love their huge selection of well-designed pet supplies that are both environmentally friendly and ethically made.
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    Sunday Sprinkles // Rope DIY Round-up

    We’ve been in DIY mode to the max here at Casa de S&P…

    Between several crafty client projects in the works and trying to get our house ready for a Spring photoshoot, It feels like nearly every time I have an idea, my next thought is – “But, can I do it myself?”  Surely not the worst thing in the world, but it has definitely been a reminder that for sanity’s sake, it’s ok to have someone “do it for you” every once in a while.

    That said, any of the rope-inspired DIY’s in today’s Sunday Sprinkles would make for a great addition to the seaside influence we’ve always embraced in our home, and they’re all simple enough to be tackled in an afternoon.  (Phew!)

    One // We are always looking for ways to corral clutter and these dipped baskets would be great for table linens, throw blankets and am thinking we’d also need a tiny one for Sadie’s toys!Two // If making something from scratch is more your style, you will love this coiled rope bowl and even though it’s shown full of apples, I was thinking you could also do a cup shape to make a desktop spot for your pens and pencils.

    Three // Obviously more fashion-focused than the rest, I couldn’t resist including these knotted-rope ankle strap heels, and love that the steps are simple and the style is perfectly in line with the nautical trend that we see embraced every summer.

    Four // In a home with very few windows, we’ve learned to use reflective surfaces to create light whenever possible.  Not only could it brighten up a space, but this rope mirror would also be great hung in an entryway where you could use it for a quick spot-check on your way out the front door.

    Five // When I first spotted these rope drawer pulls, I realized that they might be the perfect solution to finding replacements for our dresser that has impossibly wide-set handles.  I’ve been wanting to update them for years, and love this unique and inexpensive solution.

    And I have to add a sixth sprinkle today! :)  I stumbled across this video on how to make rope & bottle flower vases last week, and love the idea of maybe using the same technique on old wine bottles?  (Needless to say, we usually have a few of those lying around…) Would make such a sweet dinner party centerpiece, and not only would you be recycling your glass, but if you made a little cluster, you could also send one home with each of your guests!

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    Sunday Sprinkles // Pops of Pink

    Hot pink & tan!  Seriously crushing on this color combo, and I’ve got a round-up of Sunday Sprinkles to prove it…

    one // As a sucker for well-designed packaging, I think the branding for this Mexican chocolate company totally nailed it. (Props to their design firm.)
    two // This bold gown makes a stunning statement against a neutral backdrop and I love the idea of either of these more wearable options for any upcoming Spring weddings and parties.
    three // Splatter paint & hot pink make a great pair, and this table runner (which may have to become my next DIY attempt) would add such a playful vibe to your daily meals.
    four // Not many things more feminine than lace and pink together, but this pretty tee would be so darling styled up with distressed jeans and beat-up boots for a little added edge.
    five // My theory of statement jewelry worn with your favorite white t-shirt would be so perfectly executed with this special pink + playful piece.

    What do you say… Do these links have you thinking pink?! ;)

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      [Monday] Sprinkles // Flora & Fauna

      Anyone else want to give a WOOT WOOT for a three-day weekend?  As someone who runs the show here at S&P HQ, I’m often tempted to work during times that most everyone else has off, but am making it a point to be better about observing designated holidays and just generally taking a little more time for myself in 2013.
      Something that has made it a lot easier so far, has been planning for fun adventures and day-trips with Mr. Pepper, and this weekend has been full of them!  Saturday, we went to visit the Princeton University campus in NJ (along with sampling 3 different flavors of locally made artisan ice cream at two different shops!), yesterday was thrifting and a movie (we saw this one and it was AMAZING), and today we’re headed to the American Museum of Natural History (so excited to see the butterfly exhibit)!
      Today’s sprinkles are a bit of an [unintentional] homage to our upcoming excursion, but I love that they correspond to the botanical beauty that we’ll likely come across this afternoon.
      • one // Bringing new meaning to feeling “at one with nature”, this artwork by Jon Duenas has me daydreaming about warmer temps and more time spent soaking up the sun outside. (via Design Sponge)
      • two // Love salsa as much as I do?  (Doubt it.)  Nonetheless, this growing kit would be the perfect gift for the spice-lover in your your life, or a tasty new hobby to take on yourself!
      • three // So not over the patterned denim trend over here and this floral pair is too cute for words.  Reminds me a bit of this Shop Her Style post from a few weeks back!
      • four: // I’m a huge fan of terrariums and the unexpected tiny details of these beauties are reinforcing my love for all things tiny(via Emmadime)
      • five // Missing California more than normal these days, and seeing the photos from this drive through Joshua Tree National Park made me realize that it’s just time to plan another trip already.  Palm Springs, anyone?

      Alright, now your turn to share: Do you have the day off today? Any fun adventures planned that I should know about? ;)

      *Layout and links by Sarah Sherwood
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