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Pin Party // Apricot Pop

Inspired by pops of apricot, pink petals and navy stripes 

Imagining dinner cooking on the grill and sipping on icy drinks with light jackets draped around our shoulders.

Improvising a flower vase by using an old trophy cup from the flea market.   

Ignoring our bare ankles and the breeze that’s giving us goosebumps while we savor the chance to finally enjoy an evening outside.

More Pin Parties right this way!

*Layout by Sarah Sherwood for Style & Pepper

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    Pin Party // Vaguely Valentine

    This month’s edition of Pin Party has a decidedly love-inspired feel to it, but for the folks who like to stay away from being too theme-y, here’s a round up of a few details that can be used to show your loved ones that you care, but is neutral enough to be used throughout the year.  
    In the case of this collection, it was the gilded metallic block lettering and the botanical silhouettes in the design piece that first caught my eye, and then the actual name “Gerard” that really drew me in… Perfect for celebrating my Sweet G!
    Drink // How chic do those simple pink drinks look with the easy addition of fresh flower  buds?  As long as you made sure that the blooms were food-safe (look for them in the produce section of your grocery store!) it would be such an easy way to make an outstanding impact. Would look SO cute in this vintage pair of silver polka-dot tumblers!
    Decorate // These pastel colored leafy eucalyptus branches (by the lovely and talented Jillian Nicole!) add such a soft touch to the organic floral arrangements, but to keep things from looking too sweet, a few dark “black” blooms add just the right amount of edge.
    Design // The branding work for fine art & furniture store, Maison Gerard, is serious perfection.  I love everything from the color/texture of the paper, to the gilded lettering, to the stark silhouettes of the branches. 
    Dress // If you’re hosting a cozy dinner at home, I’m of the school of thought that says YOU get to decide how upscale or casual the dress code will be.  In the case of creating an atmosphere that would work just as well for romance with your beau or quality time with friends, I’m a big fan of a comfy sweater (extra points for hearts!) and a well-fitting pair of black ponte leggings (I swear by them!) – just make sure they’re not faded or stretched out.
    Dine // This tasty dish needs hardly more than a bit of assembly, and could be put together by even a novice in the kitchen.  Swap in different spices/toppings according to the tastes of your guests, or make it even more interactive by setting out all of the different condiments (red onions, rosemary, cream cheese, lemon curd, watercress, capers, spicy mustard, etc), and let people put stack up their own!  Me thinks it would be a great case for this bread tray, and a few of these gorgeous white bowls.
    As I look more closely at the layout above, I’m realizing that this concept would also work really well for a casual Easter Brunch, as well… Might have to start getting one in the works!  Are you planning on hosting any get-togethers any time soon?  I’d love to help by featuring your questions about hosting here, so email me and your project could be featured on S&P!
    Pin Party is a feature where my assistant Sarah and I share images, recipes, decorating ideas & outfits all inspired by a piece of art or tidbit of graphic design from my Pinterest boards.
    *Layout & links by Sarah Sherwood
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      Pin Party // Icy Blues

      I know it’s been a while, but back in November I hinted at one of the fun new blog features I’d be launching in 2013, and I’m excited to share the first edition here with you today!  In keeping with my “More in 2013” goals (there they are again!), this new column has to do with entertaining family and friends in your own home.
      Pin Party is is a fun collaboration that I created with my sweet assistant Sarah, and we’re so excited about it that we already have next month’s edition finished and waiting in the wings.  With our shared love of entertaining, combined with my recently reinvigorated love of Pinterest (follow me here!), we’ll be sharing a seasonal party-planning mood board during each month of the year.  
      The collections are meant to give you ideas for hosting your very own parties or events, and are all based off of a gorgeous piece of original art or design to get the look going.  Each of the theme elements of the board is meant to echo the look of the inspiration piece, and hopefully will encourage you to design, dine, drink, dress & decorate with a special flair of your very own.
      DESIGN // As a nod to the freezing cold wind barreling against our windows at the moment, today’s feature focuses on embracing the icy blue glaciers in the art that you see above, and using it as an excuse to have some neighbors over for a hot meal in front of a warm fire.  (Still trying to track down the original source to give the artist credit – feel free to let me know if you have any idea!)
      Dine // Admittedly, these macarons are more of a dessert than a main course, but pile them up in one single color on mismatched blue plates, and they make a big impact while providing a yummy snack that your guests can munch on throughout the evening. 
      Dress // When hosting at home, I like to keep my look simple and unfussy so that I don’t have to think about it too much throughout the night.  Sticking with a monochromatic look like the one above would be an easy choice, and for a more casual gathering, I love this ruffled DVF top paired with sky blue denim flares.
      Drink // Nothing like a hot toddy on a cold day (I like mine with extra lemon!), and you’d get extra party-style points for serving yours in these gorgeous blue floral mugs (only $20 for a set of four!). 
      Decorate // How perfect is this centerpiece? And SO simple… Gather blue glass bottles from your local thrift store or flea market, fill with water dyed with a smidge of blue food coloring and add freshly cut white flowers to give them that moody hue.
      Do you have any events planned for the rest of the month?  We’ve been having dinner parties like it’s our job recently (love it!), and even just having one other person here for a meal is such a fun excuse to test out new recipes and decorating ideas.  Wish I could have you all over sometime!!! :)

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        Happy Thanksgiving!

        Art by Brett Cody
        Roasted Beet Salad by Bev Cooks
        Giovanna by Vanessa Jackman
        Table Decor by Me! :)
        From one sunny city to the next, we’re finishing off the rest of the holiday week here in Scottsdale, AZ and I’m feeling so blessed by tonight’s delicious Thanksgiving dinner and a gorgeous southwestern sunset on the patio with my sweet family.

        Beyond what I mentioned on Sunday, I’m so thankful that we’ve been able to spend time with so many different pockets of family and friends over the past few days, and it’s sure to be one of the brightest spots of my year.

        Speaking of bright spots, I’m looking forward to continuing to introduce some fun new topics and features here on S&P over the next few weeks, and the lovely goodies you see above are just a small hint at what’s to come

        Here’s hoping that you’ve had the best Turkey Day ever, and in case you’re looking for a few extra fun clicks to explore while you’re resting up and recharging this weekend:

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