Eat Live Wear | Figs, Forest Green + Faux Fur

January 26, 2018

This year, I’m excited to bring back one of my favorite pinterest-inspired features called Eat, Live, Wear.

Whenever I come across a color palette that grabs me, it seems to seep into my imagination for the rest of the day…  Currently digging anything in this emerald-infused hue, and here are a few ways that it’s fueling my inspiration for the weekend.


EAT: Serving up a deconstructed salad spread of figs and fresh greens. If you’re plant based like me, just swap out the prosciutto for salty sun-dried tomatoes or add extra pistachios and enjoy two times the crunch.


LIVE: Dreaming of a kitchen that feels like a jade-colored cave, while I work up the courage to ask Gerard if we can paint our cabinets this year. Also: how much do you love the dramatic wall sconces and brassy shelf hardware for extra shimmer?


WEAR: Craving an excuse to get dolled-up in something like this satin skirt of a rich, green sheen. I’ll add a faux fur topper to keep it cozy on these crisp winter mornings and extra large sunglasses to keep away the squint.


Images: Eat, Live, Wear

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