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May 7, 2015


One of my favorite things about being a style expert is getting to work on creative projects with brands and people that I truly love…

Last December, I partnered with my galpal Hilary to help our friends at Noonday Collection lead their community in a video-based style school, and I’m thrilled to say that the launch is finally here!

You can take a peek at two of the super-fun videos right away (including the 8-ways-to-wear-it remix below), and be sure to sign up for the full free video series over on their site.

I’ve written about the mission behind their brand before, but I can’t tell you enough what a blessing it is to be an honorary member of the Noonday family! Their gorgeous line of jewelry and accessories, a brilliantly authentic business model, and a purpose that inspires women (quite literally) around the globe to be the best version of themselves is inspiring to no end.

You can follow along with their adventures over on Instagram + Facebook, and I’d love to have you sign up for our Style School collaboration right here!

Ps. – Read more about my own personal approach to style in a quick interview on their blog!

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