Pepper Brunch NYC // January 2015 Recap

January 9, 2015

pepperbrunch-tuttidelmonte-54 Back when I had the original vision for Pepperologie (in 2010!), I honestly had NO idea what the process of developing a new branch of our brand would look like. Over the past few years, it has held heaps of learning experiences, many heart-searching moments, and hugs that I would not ever trade for the world.

My purpose for this project is this: To inspire and encourage each other to embrace the best possible version of ourselves, and while there are certainly days when that feels like quite a lofty goal — It occupies a HUGE part of my heart, and I cannot imagine giving up the pursuit.

Our original events were first launched as all-day workshops that were full of so many things we women tend to love: beauty, fashion, home design, entertaining, wellness, heart & soul… They have now morphed into something a bit more streamlined, and I’m already looking forward to seeing what the very-bright future has to hold.

PepperBrunch_010 Bountiful brunch.
(Big blessing from Whole Foods Market!)

For now, these monthly events are a chance for us to gather (in person!) to explore what it means to live a flavorful life and to connect with other women in an organic way.

I believe that “flavor” can come from many of the lifestyle components included above, but have come to learn that everyone’s personal recipe is SO different. The most beautiful part about the metaphor is that we all have the ability to design a combination of ingredients that works best for us.

PepperBrunch_003 Pepperologie: Conversations on confidence and the well-seasoned study of style. 

Keep reading for a peek at some lovely photos from our celebration, and you’ll also find an invite to February’s event!

The upcoming theme is well-timed amidst a season where most of the country is centered around love + romance. While both of those things are important, they are nothing without meaning and would have no chance of survival without first loving ourselves in order to be a light to others.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in talking more about, sign up right here and we’ll see you next month!

Ps. – Find more images and extra details from the day over on our S&P facebook page!)

PepperBrunch_022 Bottles of bubbles.

pepperbrunch-tuttidelmonte-35 Bartending like a boss.

pepperbrunch-tuttidelmonte-19 Organic elements making a big impact.

pepperbrunch-tuttidelmonte-47 Darling & dapper, Mr Pepper. 

pepperbrunch-tuttidelmonte-17 Meet the experts: Marisa, Victoria & Michelle.

pepperbrunch-tuttidelmonte-63 Diving right into discussion.

PepperBrunch_009 Frozen flowers and finding beauty in the details.

PepperBrunch_030 Gabbing guests.

PepperBrunch_013 Gift bags with goodies from Nourish Snacks, Plum Vida, Bloomsbury Sq & Ritual

PepperBrunch_025 Most beautiful balloons blowing in the breeze.

Many thanks to our generous partners:

Whole Foods Market NYC
Noonday Collection
Nourish Snacks
Plum Vida
Bloomsbury Sq
Sabrina Sarabella
Gina Paola Design

Learn more about our experts for January:

Marisa Smith
Victoria Yoffie
Michelle Edgemont

We’d love to see you next month, so be sure to sign up right here!

Hop on the list for love notes from the bottom of my very full heart!

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