Color Crush // Dusty Blue Hue

girl and bike // lamps // landscape // palm trees // denim // graphic design

I know some parts of the country are still staring out the window at snowflakes today, but can we all just agree that the official arrival of Spring will be a welcome sight this year?

Pale blue skies, perfectly faded denim & the first signs of bare skin were the inspirations for today’s Color Crush, and I hope you’ll find that the lovelies here today will let your imagination transport you to someplace warm.

Speaking of beautiful pastel blues: How about Lupita winning an Oscar in Prada last night?!  My favorite head-to-toe looks were Anna Kendrick & Jennifer Garner… Did you see any stand-out style surprises that you weren’t expecting?

Ps. – Apparently, this baby blue hue really speaks to me around this time every year.

P.Ps. – I can’t stop obsessing over bicycle style… Tomorrow’s outfit post will show you what I mean, but this collection of fashion on wheels will have to do until then.

  1. I love bicycle style too!!! Can’t wait to see your post tomorrow! And really can’t wait until it’s warm enough here to break back out my own bicycle. xxo

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