Peppery Presents // From my Own Wishlist


I hope you don’t mind if I share a few goodies from my own Christmas wishlist today… I’d be delighted to see any of these treats under the tree this year, but truthfully — Just spending this extended time with our sweet families on the West Coast is an enormous gift in itself!

1. // BKR silicon and glass water bottle
2. // Sims glasses in violet magnolia
3. // True Food Clean Eating cookbook
4. // Salt of the World tower
5. // Coach Legacy bucket bag
6. // Crocodile texture glass pitcher
7. // Red animal print loafers
8. // Pirate-ship needlepoint pillow

P.S. – It’s definitely getting down to those last-minute shopping moments, but in case you’re looking for more Peppery Present ideas: Take a peek at these gifts for your favorite foodie, the magpie mama, your dear old dad, the best baby brother, and that handsome fella of yours!

  1. Holly

    I love the Coach bucket bag – I have black vintage one!

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