Let’s Dish // Time to Bloom

May 17, 2013
Image from my Instagram feed

The tiny Spring blossoms have all turned into completely unfurled leaves and full-blown blooms in our neighborhood this week, and it has had me thinking a lot about growth and change and personal progress.

Getting excited about life’s blessings and anticipating it’s challenges can both be important parts of life, but sometimes it feels overwhelming to continually be trying to figure out the next big thing or move or trip or project.  Recently, it has seemed like looking ahead and constantly planning for what’s yet to come can mean missing out on the blessings we could be experiencing right now.

In an effort to embrace this season of life without stressing about where we might be five years, five months or even five weeks from now, I’m trying to remind myself to bloom right where I’ve been planted.  Digging in to our community here in Hoboken, spending more time getting to know our neighbors, and sharing the local gems we love with others are all ways that I’m looking forward to “blooming” this Summer, and I’m hoping that you’ll be OK with me sharing some of those little bouquets with you here every now and again. :)

How about you, my little peonies… Can any of you relate to these feelings at all?   

Sometimes we have little control over where we’re sown, but the beauty that we create above our roots is predominantly in our own hands, no?

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  • Reply Clara Artschwager May 17, 2013 at 1:05 pm

    Oh how I can relate, friend! I’m constantly looking to what’s next rather than focusing on what’s right in front of me in the present moment. I think when you’re a natural planner (which I know you are :)), it’s hard to see the negative effect of continually looking ahead. I almost have to force myself not to plan to really embrace what’s in front of me. Hope you, G, and Sadie have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

    • Reply Jessie Artigue May 22, 2013 at 4:19 am

      All so true. (And it makes me feel better even to know that I’m not the only one.) :) Thanks for your encouragement, Sweets! XO

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