Splurge or Steal // Ankle-strap Sandals

Splurge $178 // Steal $23

Sandal season still feels SO far away, but with a few upcoming warm-weather trips on the horizon, I’ve been mentally packed for weeks.  Considering it my handy way to stave off the doldrums caused by such a chilly Spring.

Browsing around the web, I’ve noticed that this super-simple low-wedge sandal with a convenient ankle strap detail seems to be popping up in multiple spots, and thankfully, it seems as though there are a handful of great options in fun colors at all different price points. 

Can you guess which of the above pairs is the splurge and which is the steal?  (I love this game!)  If you had to pick for yourself: Would you go high or low? 

P.S. Looking for something extra splurge-y?  These are just gorgeous… And a few other luxe options I love in metallic, snakeprint, bright coral, neon and one with a bow!

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      • Oooh, I think those are my fave from the Old Navy selection… are they comfy? I’d love to add them to my closet!

    1. Totally the low — I like them better than the high! And I don’t think I could ever pay $178 for a pair of sandals.
      grey et al

      • The splurge is a bit steep for me too, Kodi. I don’t mind spending on heels/boots, but I always end up wearing my summer sandals into the ground before the season’s over!

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