Concrete Catwalk // Bright White

White jeans after Labor Day?!?  I know – you may think I’m nutty, but it just seemed like the right choice for running a slew of errands on a chilly day in the city (which happens to be looking sartorially darker and darker as the days go by).  If my colorless choice of leg-wear can reflect a little extra sunlight into someone’s life, then I’ll consider my fashion faux-pax totally worth it.

Check out the full outfit, plus shopping resources below, and let me know in the comments:  Are you brave enough to break this (ridiculously antiquated) fashion “rule”?  I’d love to know: how are you styling your white denim up, post-summertime?  

P.S.  Check out all the other times I’ve rocked white pants, and brace yourself for some blasts from the past! :)

Photos taken by Sara Haile

Top to Bottom:
Floppy hat – H&M (similar)
Scarf – Dear Hannah (similar – $8!)
Chambray button-up – Gap, Thrifted (similar)
Cropped leather jacketForever 21
Bracelets – Nike FuelBand & c/o Sorrelli
Handbag – London Fog (silver here & red version here!)
Starfish ring – c/o Shel Jewlery
Necklace – c/o Karen London
White jeansUrban Outfitters
Black booties – c/o ShoeMint

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  1. Well, I just can’t do it before or after winter has arrived, but boy do I remember the beautiful ‘winter white’ always wool or cashmere, and you had to be well off to afford the quality. Stick with black, one must, if one is down on the farm or in a 19th century city. And as they used to say when I was coming up, if you didn’t follow the dictums, people would think you were ‘on the job.’ LOL. Carry on, a Zebra never changes its stripes, it is the sun and the shadows that does the changing. A zebra is always fashionable!

  2. I love this! That hat is perfect!

  3. LOVE this! I still have my white jeans out – but keep forgetting about them! lol I love wearing them with chambray maybe even a chunky knit sweater. Definitely copying this look :)


  4. cute look! I think perfectly appropriate the way you styled the outfit- Ciao! Catherine

  5. Krizia

    I LOVE that you busted out the white denim post-Labor Day. I just love when people break fashion “rules”. I don’t have denim blanco, but I do have pantalones blancos which I’m going to bust out tomorrow c/o of your inspiring outfit.

  6. CC

    I love white jeans anytime – unfortunately I no longer have any that fit. :)
    Love the leather and chambray with the white – so perfect for fall. :)

  7. Erin

    I love how the quirky scarf and hat give this classic outfit a very ‘you’ touch!


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