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Have you noticed that we’ve been seeing a much more delicate look working it’s way into popular jewelry trends recently?  One could argue that costume pieces will never go away (thank goodness!), but I think that sometimes wearing daintier little baubles in neutral colors can make just as much of a statement, yes?

When I came across Kendra Phillip jewelry, I was instantly smitten with the simplicity of the collection and then pulled in even farther by the affordability and little added extra details – the beautiful textures, stamped designs & unique use of chains all make all make such a difference in setting the pieces apart!  I rounded up a few of my Peppery Picks to share with you here, but have to admit that those mixed metal mini-bangles are definitely my absolute favorite.

Which piece from the line above do you like the most?  I’d love to know: Are you donning the simple and sweet jewelry these days or sticking to the bolder pieces that make a big look?

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  1. love the monogram bracelets! Great find and I am always a sucker for personalization. Ciao – Cat

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