Concrete Catwalk // Spring Shorts

Me and Miss Sara B!  Check out her outfit post here!

Coming clean right now: I’ve been a shorts-fiend, lately!  I was thinking about how much I love them while I was editing these photos, and I realized that something like 75% of my Spring purchases have been shorts.  Teaser: there might even be a high-waisted pineapple print pair in the bunch!

I’ll take them corduroy and casual any day, but I also love wearing them dressed up with ladylike heels and a sheer peplum sweater for a night out on the town with friends (this particular outing involved Korean BBQ and Karaoke!).  Not only do I get to skip worrying about a gust of wind causing a wardrobe malfunction on the way to the train station, but there’s just something super fun and playful about them that brings to mind that tomboy vibe I told you I’ve been digging these days.

Check out my past styled-up shorts for Summer inspiration, and don’t forget to swing back by tomorrow for my fun news – Can’t wait to share! ;)

Top to Bottom:
Necklace – Angel Court Jewelry
Sweater – Vintage, Boomerang in KC (almost identical Alexander Wang on sale!)
Bracelets – Gorjana and c/o Charming Charlie
Rings (L to R) – Brooklyn Charm, J. Crew & Vintage
Shorts – H&M via Buffalo Exchange (similar)
Clutch – Macy’s (similar)
Wedge heels – Zara (this Marni pair is calling my name!)

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  1. Girl, you pull off combinations that others would fear, and you do it beautifully! Thanks for always showing us: there are no rules! Just have fun! :)

    ~Natasha Fatah~

  2. Love those shorts & the Angel Court!!! You look beautiful as always.


  3. Love those wedges! The whole outfit is so fun and different. I agree with Natasha – you can pull off any combination and look outstanding!

  4. Nuha

    high waisted pineapple shorts?! ohmygosh..i already love them!

  5. Sara B

    You are seriously the prettiest!! Loved snapping these pics with you and miss you so much! Can’t wait till those pineapple shorts make an appearance btw…

  6. Ria

    You look so darling, the shorts are so cute. I’ve been having a love affair with shorts lately too. If you’ve got high waisted pineapple ones, I need to step it up haha.

  7. Krizia

    Jessie, I <3 this outfit! Keep 'em coming! I'm a big fan of ladylike shorts too.

    P.S. It was so great seeing you at the Poshmark Posh Party. Congrats on the event!

  8. Bree

    You pull of shorts so well! I don’t think my white legs are quite ready yet…

    Also, can I just say that I love your hair? Please tell me that you spend hours on it and that it doesn’t just have the perfect amount of wave and volume naturally?

    Dream in Fashion

    • You’re going to HATE my answer… I only wash my hair every 10-14 days, but I think the reason it looks so fluffy here is because I had just washed/blown it dry. :) After I blow dry (which takes like 30-40 mins) I twist it into a low bun and let it cool while it’s clipped like that, and that seems to give me waves for a least a few days until the next time I hit it with a curling iron. Thanks for the lock love, though, hun!

  9. Lia

    What a GORGEOUS, chic look, Jessie! You look beautiful and I LOVE the shorts…and the wedges!
    Smart n Snazzy

  10. I love your outfit! And I really, really love your nail polish! Can you share the brand?

    • Sure, girl! It’s an Essie color, and I think it was called Mint Candy Apple! I got them done at a salon, so don’t have the bottle to check. :) Glad you like! XO

  11. I also have a love affair with fun pairs of shorts…I never was the girl to wear the tight shorty-shorts, so I love how the trend is moving to a more flowy and classy look. I love the color of your pair! Also, I have to say that your hair looks gorgeous in these photos! Such a pretty ensemble :)

  12. Trish

    yes, HI…. love it! Love the look, the accessories, the makeup, the sweet then surprisingly silly and let’s be honest…..if I had your legs I might sport something shorter than the knee-covering things I wear these days:)

    Happy Spring days to ya!

  13. Love it all especially the vintage sweater….if you know where the Alexander Wang look alike is available, do let me know!

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