Concrete Catwalk // Romping Around

you guys, i LOVE rompers (need proof? done and done.)
sorry if you’re sick of them – i know they’re nothing new, but i can’t help it!
i got this one last summer on sale at NY&Co for $7 (ridiculous!)…
it’s this super-soft brushed silk, and the color is by far one of my faves.
also, can we talk hair for a quick second?
i’m getting some more blondey-blonde put in this afternoon
but beyond the color, i’ve been looking for new ideas on ways to style it…
this braided top-knot was inspired by a tutorial i saw on cup of jo
(she has posted some great ones recently)
and i also LIVE for beth’syour cheapest accessory” series.
she shares some serious hair inspiration in her how-tos, and i want to try them all!
can you think of any other great inspiration or how-tos i need to know about?
(bonus points if it comes with detailed instructions!)
send ’em my way and have a grrrrrreat weekend, loves!
romper – NY&Co
earrings – banana republic
necklace – francesca’s
bracelets & handbag – j. crew
wedges – sam edelman, tj maxx
sunnies – forever21
  1. amanda

    loooooooove your romper!! i have a wee soft spot for them too :) and i literally thought this one was vintage. it’s perfect! love the color and the little buttons at the top.

  2. This color is awesome and looks great on you! and you have such a style like all your photos over here so I’m following, hope you can visit my blog :)


  3. shanna

    not that you would ever know this by looking at my hair, but i actually love watching hair tutorials on youtube and reading hair blogs. my fave is this chick: she has entertaining video tutorials, and i love her sassy personality.

    also, glad to see you in a little romp. i think they’re so cute and i don’t want the trend to be over!

  4. Lexie

    those wedges are fabulous!

  5. This romper is adorable on you! I love rompers, but have not been brave enough to give it a go.

  6. GFS

    You look fab! I’m really digging rompers but alas…all of this junk in the trunk forbids it.

  7. Laurel

    I feel like I look like a 12 year-old in rompers, but this one looks fresh and cute on you…and those WEDGES??? I tried on the same pair in this stripe and leopard last week at Nordstrom Rack and now I am sad I didn’t snatch them up then…so awesome.

  8. Bre

    I’m not so sure it’s possible to get sick of rompers. Your is So cute and your shoes are hot.

  9. Sara B

    LOVE this romp! Especially the color. And seriously, look at those calf muscles! Holy cow! I actually was meaning to look at hair tutorials today (no joke) so I’ll let you know if I find any good ones. Muah!

  10. I love this romper. I’m totally pro-romper.

  11. Lynzy

    More blonde! I love itttt! Summer comes around and I try to go as light as I can without looking too obvious ;) I adore this blue romper and how you paired it with these patterned wedges and necklace, looking fab as usual!

    xo Lynzy

  12. CC

    Love the outfit and looking forward to seeing the hair. Have you tried a crown braid? Basically a french bread around your head rather than down the back. It’s all up off your neck and super elegant looking.

  13. Amanda

    I adore that romper! The color is perfect, as well as the platforms!

  14. 1. That romper is to die for.
    2. I’m thinking you should do some TCC TV with how-to’s for your adorable hair styles? I could definitely use the pointers…

  15. i am so jealous of your romping rompers! i look hideous in them, so not made for my shape! you look fab, dear :)

  16. Anjela

    Lovely color on you! I envy you for being able to wear rompers this time of year (we had a mini snow storm just hours ago…didn’t stick, but it reminded us winter’s not really over)
    I think rompers are great! They’re comfier than skirts in some ways, and more fun than shorts in other ways + so light and easy to wear! What’s not to love?!

    p.s.-sorry I haven’t stopped by your gorgeous blog for a while; real life just got crazy busy all of a sudden! I loved, LOVED your ‘midi skirt’ outfit–stunning!!!

  17. yay! gotta love the rompers!!! i have a few vintage ones that i can’t wait to wear this summer! stay tuned to see! :) XOXO

  18. kelsey

    i want this entire outfit. and your hair. k? :) i have a total of ZERO rompers and i am totally getting one this year! yea! let me know if you see any great ones.

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