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photo courtesy of the nelson atkins museum website
if you are clicking over from the newshinyandupdated 
so glad you stopped by!
feel free to check out some of the concrete catwalk’s
most popular features:
jessie’s outfits, kansas city street style (two great new ss posts tomorrow!),
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if you’re a regular reader of tcc,
(especially if you live here in kansas city)
DEFinitely hop over to check out the guide i put together!
lots of my favorite spots for dining, shopping & otherwise!

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for up to the minute shopping tips and to hear about all of the places we love to frequent in kc!

happy reading!
  1. Nadine

    Very cool, Jessie!

  2. Melanie

    Jessie, that list is amazing! a lot of work went into that. There were some places I had never been to on there, I am bookmarking them. nice job :)

  3. I was so glad to find that article! I am always looking for new places to try in KC! Also glad I found your blog :)

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