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Howdy friends, Mr. Pepper here!

I’ve always had a love for neckwear, but I find that most men either have a complete phobia of tying up a quality knot, OR they think that the tie is required to be the focus of the entire outfit.  The truth is: whether it’s a bow-tie or a bolo tie, your neckwear should both compliment the rest of the outfit and make a statement at the same time.

When selecting a tie, I try to find something that has an element of quirkiness while fitting into my love for cool colors and patterns. That’s why I was pretty enthused to come across Nick Graham’s selection of ties and bow-ties. Each tie has a front pattern with a contrast tail, and both things create that perfect balance that I’m always looking for.

Keep reading for the full run-down and my handy tips…

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Concrete Catwalk // Carpet Caper


The view outside my window is completely covered in snow, and I can hardly believe that one week ago I was hiking in short sleeves.

This outfit involves a remix of some cold-weather staples (plus a new pair of sassy boots!), but I couldn’t resist piling on the favorites for a look that felt perfect for a weekend back home in the Northeast. ;)

(See the flashback versions of this coat from a few years past, and the last time I posted that sweater right here!)

Tomorrow’s post features the latest Guy Style column with a quirky twist, and then another episode of S&P TV is coming a little later this week… Don’t forget to check out the last show where I feature my fun morning refresh with Plum Vida and there’s still time to enter the giveaway right over here!

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Event // Pepper Brunch NYC – Feb 2015

PepperBrunch_010 Conversations on confidence & the well-seasoned study of style.

The next Pepper Brunch is all about LOVE, but not in the traditional Hallmark sense of the word… 

At our upcoming event, we’ll be talking about meaningful relationships, expressions of self-love and how to celebrate your special people throughout the entire year. Connection is one of the five main ingredients of a flavorful life, and it feels like the perfect platform for our February theme.

Join us in NYC for coffee, light bites and an exclusive chat with industry experts, along with a sampling of special treats from our favorite brands.

Grab a ticket here, bring your friends, and we can’t wait to spend the afternoon with you!

Health // Morning Refresh + Plum Vida Giveaway

plum vida morning refresh still

What is the very first thought that pops into your mind when you hear the sound of your alarm every morning?

(My own wake-up call involves four paws and a pair of velvety ears, so I’m usually left wishing that I could snuggle in bed for much longer!)

Earlier this week we talked about how to LOOK like you woke up feeling well-rested, but today I’m sharing some fun tips about actually FEELING great as you get a head start on your day… Especially handy because I’m on the road for a 10-day speaking trip  that includes a lot of travel and very little sleep! ;)

This latest episode of S&P TV features 5 ways I’m going to be refreshing my mornings, and a fabulous giveaway brought to you by my friends at Plum Organics!

I LOVE that they’ve been doing some “refreshing” of their own lately, and after seeing so many people grabbing their organic baby-food packs as a portable snack, they decided to develop three new “foodie flavors” for us health-conscious adults on-the-go… Totally brilliant! I’m WAY into business and innovation, so when I hear of companies who are quick to adapt and invested in the needs of their customer? I’m smitten.

(Plus, we like to eat around here, and with such clean ingredients and tons of flavor – I was sold in a millisecond.)

Watch the video to see how I’m joining in the Plum Vida™ Refresh, and hop on over to the episode page in order to enter the giveaway!

Stock up online or at your local Target!

I’ve gotta tell ya – Having healthy snacks that fit in with my dietary restrictions makes it so much easier to hit the road without getting hungry… I have a pear-kale-spinach pack in my bag (along with a few of my other go-tos) right now!

Plum Vida Trio

Later this month, I’ll be sharing a recap of how I did, along with a new episode featuring 5 healthy breakfast ideas just for you…

In the meantime, play along by sharing how you’ll plan to refresh your snacking at #PlumVidaRefresh!

Ps. – Here’s more about how I pack the perfect travel bag, and my five best tips for a good night’s sleep!


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