Healthy Eating // Triple-Apple Salad

apple picking Apple picking in Northern NJ last Fall! 

Ok, I promise that the apple mania around here is not some sort of weird conspiracy (the yellow is another story… *wink*), but I can NOT help the fact that seasonal living is one of my favorite ways to add flavor to our everyday.

Today’s episode of S&P includes another fun recipe that is straight from our new kitchen (see my last healthy snack video here), and I bet you’ll be able to guess the main ingredient quicker than I can say “super-food.”

Watch the clip above for my go-to healthy Fall salad, and I’m happy to include an extra resource for making sure that your kitchen is always stocked with nutritious snacks!

Jessie’s Triple Apple Salad

3 handfuls of kale, washed
1/2 diced fresh apple
1 oz. grated manchego cheese
Apple Cider Vinaigrette (see the vid for my recipe!)
1 package of Cinn-sational from Nourish Snacks

Let me know if you’d to see more of this type of feature on S&P, and I’d love to know if you try the dish out for yourself!

Ps. – Is anyone else dressing up for Halloween tomorrow?!  I originally had something planned around these new accessories, but am switching things up with a last minute surprise up my sleeve. ;) Stay tuned to the Peppergrams for a sneak peek!

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Concrete Catwalk // Love Those Leaves


What is it with me and this bold marigold lately?

Blame it on my favorite season or my olive skin tone, and let’s just call it a draw, OK?

Click through to see the snaps we took on our trip to Kansas City last week, and get a look at the beautiful block where this very blog was born. :)

Blast from the Past // Last time I wore this dress on the blog was two Novembers ago, but it is definitely a part of my normal monthly rotation!

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Nutrish & Delish // Apples

Healthy Cooking_Apples final Today’s Nutrish & Delish post is not only jam-packed with seasonal fall recipes, but it’s also the unofficial teaser of a fun new video coming up a little later this week… That means TWO food posts in just a few days – You noodles ok with that? ;)

The ten apple recipes you see here are PERFECT for using up your bounty at this time of year, and many thanks to the darling Alex and Sonja for being such a creative couple that cooks! (Check out their blog pronto for more healthy and whole ideas for your kitchen!)

  1. // Roasted Cauliflower with Apple and Dill
  2. // Cabbage and Apples
  3. // Cinnamon Apple Chips
  4. // Apple, Walnut, and Savoy Cabbage Salad
  5. // Apple Pomegranate Galette
  6. // Apple and Gouda Quesadillas
  7. // Apple, Manchego, and Chive Salad
  8. // Mini Bourbon Apple Pies
  9. // Apple Almond Quinoa
  10. // Apple Cranberry Sage Bites

Ps. – Looking for an apple idea with more of a fizzy buzz?  Check out the fall cocktail that Mr. Pepper and I made for you right here!

Find more Nutritious & Delicious ingredients right here.

Meet The S&P Team!

IMG_3038 AHHHHH – So excited for today’s post I can hardly stand it…

You’re about to get a TRUE peek behind the scenes of S&P, because I’d like you to meet two of the very special gals that help make Team Pepper run.  They’re especially important on the weeks that I’m traveling (like this one!), and it seems quite fitting that I let them take over today while I’m still away. ;)

Thanks, Jessie! We’re really excited about today’s post too, and are happy to share a bit about what fuels Team Pepper behind the scenes!

Keep reading to get a closer look at how our roles make things run, and be sure to check out the fun conversation we had about doodling, dance parties, and our shared love of design…


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