Spice up your Space // His + Hers

my-paradissi-pbright-bedroom-sara-landstedt We’re in full-on nesting mode here at Casa de Pepper, and now that I’m outnumbered by dudes (little brother moved in to our new place with us last weekend!), I’m paying more attention to making our apartment a good blend of masculine classics softened with quirky feminine details.

After stumbling across some gorgeous images over here, it occurred to me that being drawn to such a variety of styles can make finding the perfect balance a little bit tricky… Can you relate?

I could honestly go either way on the decor of the two lovely bedrooms below, but it seems like there must be a way that I can find a sweet spot right in between.

I’ll keep you posted on how things come together, and until then – would love to hear your ideas on mixing up a look that is equal parts bold and beautiful!

Ps. – Which of these rooms could you see most in your own home?

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Bold & Boyish b9406cef4b8dee3ba50643c0bc8962cd

*Images // Simple & Bright (from My Paradissi), Bold & Boyish (from Home Life via A Cup of Jo), Soft & Girly (from Homestyle Mag via Fancy)

Concrete Catwalk // Back to Basics


I really don’ t want this Summer season to end, friends!

Every August, I start to think about what a full and blessed few months it’s been, but when the first morning chill arrives (happened last week!)… I start to dread saying goodbye to my favorite time of year.

Autumn is certainly a well-loved time around here as well, but it acts as a chilly reminder of the impending winter and that usually turns my stomach to knots at a moment’s notice.

May sound silly, but one of the main things that gets me most excited about the transition is switching over my wardrobe, and the chance to pick out a few new key pieces for Fall.  Until THAT happens, keep reading to see how I’m relying on a few simply styled classics to carry me through…

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[Monday] Sprinkles // Beautiful Girl


TurningAwayErikOlson_720 Focusing on embracing and encouraging beauty this week, and swinging back into a routine with some related goodies for you today…

+ Loving Joanna’s beauty uniform series, and can’t wait to test out this genius eucalyptus-in-the-shower trick from Erica Chidi… Have you tried it?

+ Hilary is kicking off a new campaign today and I’m joining in the fun to encourage beauty alongside a great group of gals – Sign up to join us!

+ Never thought about celebrating stretch marks until now.  (Lotta lines at my party these days – never thought of embracing them so openly, but these ladies are much braver than I.)

+ Writing love notes to my Pepper Girls has been such a highlight of this year, and last week I talked about seeing the inner beauty of others with one of my oldest stories.

+ Whether it’s fiercely feminine, peaceful and poised or purely passionate (truly a trillion combinations!)… No matter how you want to feel in your life, I’d recommend reading and following this radiant lady’s roadmap for using your desires to drive your life. (One of my favorite $14 I’ve spent in a long while.)

Hope your Monday is off to a great start, and thanks for hanging in there while I took a big breather last week!  I love you, ya know!

XOXO – Jessie Pepper

*Lovely art by Erik Olson

Sunday Sprinkles // Gone Swimming

swim Happy Sunday, Sugarpuffs!  

Still here lounging by the pool with our besties in Las Vegas and then we’re headed to meet up with more dear friends in Lake Tahoe tomorrow…

My mission for the rest of the week is to spend as much time unplugged as possible, and I can’t help but let the Southwestern sunshine* be the inspiration for today’s Sprinkles. ;)

+  Just swapped out all of our beach towels for these lovely foutas this week (major space saving solution!), but seeing this graphic round-up has me second guessing.

+  I don’t think I will ever tire of anything scalloped.  These sandals + this swimsuit make the perfect pair.

+  Oh, perfect – An amazing new-to-me make-up guru to stalk on YouTube.  I tried Lisa’s “summertime pink” look this week, and have to say I am pretty smitten with her techniques (and that charming British accent never hurts)!

+ Summer meals don’t get much fresher than this… Already stalking lots of healthy meals to make upon our return.

+ Need the softest something to throw over a swim suit or sass up the cut-offs you’ve been living in all summer?  Meg’s got a new edition in her luxury t-shirt shop, and this special collab has me seizing the day. ;)


Hope the rest of your weekend swims along quite nicely, and thanks for bearing with me while I take a break until we get back!

XOXO – Jessie Pepper

*In SPF – DUH!

[Above image found here.]

Travel // What’s in My [Party] Bag


Off we go on our last official summer vacay today! 

My Sweet G turns 30 next week and we’ll be doing a LOT of celebrating over the next several days… First up, headed to Las Vegas this weekend to meet up with my parents, little brother (+ his girlfriend), and two of our most favorite friends.  Then Monday, we’re off to Lake Tahoe for some lakeside relaxing with another set of besties and their baby girl!  I’m so excited I could squeal…

(Ok, just did. Much better.)

In past travel posts on S&P, I’ve shared a few of my general must-haves for hitting the road, but today you’re getting a very real glimpse of exactly what’s filling the cobalt blue beauty sitting on my shoulder.

Keep reading for the low-down on what I can’t leave home without, AND to see the sweetest cameo from my sweet little Sadie Mae… (Miss her so much already!)

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