Healthy Living // A Good Night’s Rest

beautiful bedding I know this is going to sound alarming (or possibly even blasphemous to a few), but sleeping is an activity that has never come close to joining my list of favorite things to do.  Most nights, I swing back and forth between insomnia and inspiration until the next thing I know…  It’s 2:37am, and a respectable hour has alluded me yet again!  How does this happen?

4cb34d7950359410b7a4e7ffd8befe8d Shutting off the bajillion thoughts buzzing around in my brain feels like an impossible task.

Staying up until the wee hours always seems like a harmless idea for this late-night-creative, but since I rarely sleep in, the unfortunate effects are always obvious the next morning.  It’s quite ridiculous because I’m passionate about so many OTHER parts of creating a healthy lifestyle, that I feel sort of silly (and exhausted!) for not thinking to work on this sooner!

up-24-hires-008 I’m currently training for a BIG race that is happening in just a handful of weeks (more on that soon!), and I know that a significant part of my performance is going to be embracing the best habits of getting a good nights sleep…  I’ve already started to do a little research on making that happen, but in the meantime – It seems like having some technical help could come in quite handy. ;)

Tons of people are wearing fitness trackers these days (love it!), and after hearing a handful of my friends rave about the sleep feedback on their Jawbone UP, I was definitely excited when the brand offered me a chance to give it a try for myself.  So far, I’ve worn it around the clock for the past three days, and have purposely tried not to change my existing routines so that I could get a good read on the ‘before’ situation first.

Exhibit A…

Photo Sep 19, 9 00 16 AM

Excited to tell you more about how the UP makes a difference over the next few weeks, but in the meantime – Will you share your own tips & tricks for a good nights rest here in the comments?  You always have the best ideas, and I need all the help I can get!

Ps. – Why are pedometer results always so fun to obsess over?  I can’t skip over the fact that wearing the Jawbone UP makes me feel like I’m the star of a live video game where avoiding garbage piles and collecting shiny things are not nearly as important as the number of steps I’ve taken that day. ;)

PPs. – Grab the gorgeous bedding shown above right here!

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Trendwatch // Nordstrom Fall Collection

instalog As much as I love online shopping, there is just something about getting catalogs in the mail that reminds me of flipping through pages of pretty things with my mom when I was little.

When the new Nordstrom Fall ‘instalog’ arrived this weekend, I excitedly cracked it open for a little style inspiration and, was so honored to see my self-portrait inside! (That’s me in the kicky floral top above!)

It was a TOTAL blast working with a handful of fellow NYC instagrammers earlier in the summer, and seeing our square-shaped snaps gracing the pages has been a bit surreal for someone who is such a fan of the brand. :)

Keeping reading to see a few of my other favorites from the shoot, and be sure to check out their blog for more Fall-friendly styling tips!

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Peppery Picks // Second-hand Scores

Photo Aug 10, 5 10 25 PM Meet my sweet little vintage bike, “Ruby”… One of my best second-hand finds ever!

We’ve talked about my love of treasure hunting here before, but today I’m excited to share a bit about WHY I love finding perfectly pre-loved goodies to spice up your personal style and your space at home.

My ongoing love-affair with thrift stores began when I started searching for beat-up band tees at my local Savers as a freshman in high school (I promise it was waaaayy cooler than it sounds back then)…

Even now, they are STILL some of my all-time favorite places to shop – especially when I travel – and over the years, thrifting has gone from being a hobby of mine to becoming something that I consider a true craft!

I’m delighted to be working with Savers to bring you some special features this month, and many thanks to the very place where my habit started for making these tips and tricks possible. ;)

Here are a few of my favorite reasons to shop second-hand, and be sure to check out the snazzy new page that shares my resources for how you can make thrifting work for you!

  • Spend less.  Retail prices rarely makes their way to my budget.
  • Be unique.  I am nearly always able to find and wear pieces that no one else has.
  • Get inspired.  Hardly ever a corner without something cool to be uncovered.
  • Trend forward.  Get a chance to try out the latest looks without the risk of spending full-price.
  • Mix & match.  Blend second-hand with high-end for a luxuriously layered look.
  • Love the planet.  Savers keeps more than 650 million lbs of used goods from landfills every year.
  • Shop with purpose.  Most thrift stores partner with local non-profits to impact their community in a positive way. (Check with the shop directly to see what organizations they support.)

Find more inspiration by visiting Savers on facebook or twitter, and check out more of my favorite finds from their stores as I take over their Instagram account over the next few days!

Ps. – Bikes on both coasts! (Duh.) More cycling-style right this way, folks. ;)

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Color Crush // Gray + Grapefruit

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 8.17.57 PM Zipped over to the West Coast for a fun project with bareMinerals today, but of course I couldn’t leave you without a little mid-work-week inspiration!

grapefruit-margarita-recipe-apartment-34 Miss Kelly asked if I’d blog-sit just a bit while she gets settled into her new digs halfway across the country, and the pairing of grapefruit + gray that you see here is just a snippet of what’s being served up by yours truly over on her site this morning.

Take a second to shop the look below, pop over to see the full post on Design Crush, and check out all of our past Color Crushes right here!

Ps. – This polygon bangle is prancing through my daydreams today… Perfectly aligned with today’s scheme!

Images: wall hanging design // grapefruit margaritas // cozy interior