Spicy Sale // Springtime with Shopbop

victoria beckham spring 2013

Let’s chat about a bit of springtime style, shall we?

If there’s one thing that make me feel like warmer days are around the corner, it’s shopping for fun things to wear when the weather is lovely again… Thankfully, Shopbop’s seasonal sale is here and I’m excited to share some of my favorites with you today!

The huge range of weather happening across the country has me thinking of transitional pieces that can be worn no matter what the thermometer says where you live, and today’s Spicy Sale post features an EXTRA special set of deals that will have you scooping up some goodies for the upcoming season in no time!

shopbop spring sale

Picking a great starting point like this poppy orange pencil skirt means that you can wear it now by pairing with a few winter basics, and then bust out the bare legs and bright white as we get closer to summer!


Elizabeth & James zipper pencil skirt

NOW… Boucle charcoal coat, New York to LA tee, teal & tortoise sunnies, over-the-knee bootsdrawstring bucket bag,

THEN… Cropped white tank, woven straw mules, crystal ear jackets, watercolor clutch, distressed denim jacket

Let me know which look you love most and HAPPY SHOPPING! :)

XOXO – Jessie

Here are the deets for the BIG SALE:

Goes from now until Saturday March 7, 2015 at 11:59 pm EST

– You save 15% with purchase over $250
– You save 20% with purchase over $500
– You save 25% with purchase over $1000

Coupon Code: BIGEVENT15 (More info right here)

Image via Vogue // Layout by Leah Pellegrini for S&P

Concrete Catwalk // Collar & Cuffs

collar-and-cuff-01 This week’s look was my best attempt at a revolt.

The unrest has been bubbling up inside me for months, and I’m refusing to let myself fall into the trap of long black puffer coats currently traipsing around the streets of NYC.

Hundreds (thousands?!) of them hover along above a set of boots chalky with crystalized salt, with the bubbled exterior acting like a bumper in case of a blunder on the slick black ice.

Meanwhile — I’m making the most of a colorful closet, and trying my best not to blend in with the crowd. ;)

Keep reading for the full glimpse at my regionally rebellious look, and I hope you have a bright [and bundled] weekend, wherever you may be!

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Let’s Dish // And the Award goes to…

oscars recap numbered lines

Alright, it’s time to dish about some celebrity style… Did you catch the red carpet coverage for the Oscars on Sunday night?

My faves from this season seemed much more subdued than in past years, but after looking at them side by side I realized that this black, red & metallic theme is really doing it for me right now!

Here’s the breakdown:

1. // NAOMI WATTS – This photo doesn’t even do the look justice because she appeared to be GLOWING every time I saw her on-camera in real time.  Her gorgeous Armani dress incorporated a mix of texture and geometric pattern to keep things interesting, and that little black bandeau added just the right amount of edge. You know I love a good risk-taker, and the unexpectedness of layering in such a dressed-up setting was a pleasant surprise.

naomi watts Shop the look: Sequined maxi, bandeau, merlot lips, glittery cuff, sea salt spray, boxy clutch, liquid eyeliner


2. // GIULIANA RANCIC – Ok, aside from her snide remark about Renaya – I thought Giuliana nailed it across the board. Her red dress by Mireille Dagher was absolutely stunning and I couldn’t help but daydream about having the exact same one hanging in my closet. (Ya know… for all of those red carpet events I attend… HA.)

The impeccable color, the sheer paneling and embellished details were all just perfection in my book, and even though I almost ALWAYS stay away from a cap sleeve silhouette, I would totally bend my rules for this little number.  The nipped in waistline makes her narrow frame appear curvier than normal, and that’s an optical illusion I plan on trying to recreate. Another note: I wasn’t sure how I felt about her new hair color at first, but it definitely grew on me and in the end I decided that I like it much better than the last time I saw her in person.

87th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals Shop the look: Head to toe red, floral lace, diamond studs, sheer paneling


3. // MARGOT ROBBIE – Holy Shisito Peppers, people. This Yves Saint Laurent gown (far too elegant to be called just a dress) was one of my early favorites, and it reminded me that I actually have a few sheer long-sleeve options in my closet (like this vintage fave!) that are just dying to be worn when the weather gets warmer. I overheard a few negative remarks about her necklace choice (by Van Cleef & Arpels), but TOTALLY love that she paired a black dress with bright lips and colored gemstones. The blunt bob was perfectly en pointe (on fleek?!) and is defintely making me miss having much blonder hair.

margot-robbie-oscars-2015 Shop the look: Sheer sleeves, sleek styling gel, cherry red lips, blue statement gems, perfectly mussed up brows.

Another thing I noticed was that there was SOOOO much white and pastel! Marion Cotilliard, Lupita Nyong’o, Julianne Moore, Kerry Washington, Chrissy Teigen, Octavia Spencer, Lady Gaga, Faith Hill and EVEN Jared Leto (oh brother).

A few of my fringe faves in that category: a lilac kimono, embellished sleeves and icy blue beading.


Let’s reflect:

  • Bandeaus are the best. I wear them all summer, but can’t wait to pair mine with something sequined.
  • Lips in merlot, berry and fire engine red are always my faves. Note: Always use liner!
  • Quite the plethora of pastels… What did you think about the lack of bold colors?
  • Definitely going back to the blunt bob as my next hairstyle. Maybe a super-light blonde in the meantime?
  • Now it’s your turn to dish… Tell me which looks you loved most!

Life // Marriage is Funny

jessie & g Today’s blog post was originally going to go start off something like this:

Mr. Pepper and I are starting a podcast together! La la la, it’s going to be SO fun and you should definitely listen because we totally know what we’re doing.

Instead, I’m making an Executive Decision of Honesty and over-sharing about how we actually know very little about what we’re doing.

Here’s a quick glimpse at our morning:

Mr. Pepper woke me up (quite sweetly, as usual) and the first words out of my mouth were SHARP, y’all.

(Nothing like biting your boo’s head off before 8am.)

In my measly defense, I stayed up way too late AND got zero sleep (back injury + neighbors baby crying through the night) and have been under some serious stress for the past week. Trying my best to carry out too many business projects, tackling a full rebrand, and getting ready for two months worth of blog webinars + a snazzy new e-course. Not to mention the fact that I’m hitting the road again soon for another 10-day speaking tour in two weeks!

Blah blah blah… I am NOT proud to say that I’ve been a pressure cooker full of panic, ready to explode at the first sign of a small problem – but I’m fully aware that’s basically just a lame excuse.

All it took was a small exchange to send me shooting straight through the roof, and the next thing I know we’re standing in the kitchen whisper-yelling at each other (YOU’RE NOT LISTENING! YOU RUINED MY MORNING! YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND! DON’T WAKE BROTHER!) and waiting for the other person to back down from the barrier we had built up in our minds.

*cue two sets of tears and him stomping off to work*

Why am I telling you all of this when I should probably be sweeping it under the rug and sharing about the reasons we’re qualified to start a podcast about healthy relationships?!

Simple answer: We are the very last people to consider ourselves marriage experts.

Our caption from the little trailer we posted last week probably sums it up best…

A Musical Valentine from The Peppers… ❤️❤️❤️

This week, we’ve been together for ten years. If you happen to be married, you know that the starry-eyed moments can come just as easily as the scarred hearts.

Brokenness is scary. It feels permanent, but we fight against that lie by clinging to our faith & to each other. We believe that talking things out and tight bear hugs fix [almost] everything, and now you can join us on the journey of how we’re learning to love again every single day.

Sign up at meetthepeppers.com to be 1ST to know when we launch our new podcast… It’s called “Marriage is Funny” (because if you happen to be in one, you KNOW it is) and we can’t wait to share our thoughts about embracing your partner with humor + heart. 

As you can LIKELY tell from the past few hours we are not perfect, but BOY do I love my Sweet G something fierce… He’s my best friend, my biggest advocate and I can’t possibly imagine being more fully in love with anyone else.

My hope is that by creating accountability and being real, we can shed some light on our belief that the right mix of love + laughter is the best recipe for a healthy marriage.

Despite our divisive start to the day (#oops), I’m truly excited for this new project that we’re tackling together, and honestly WOULD love to have you follow along while we share all of the many ways that Marriage is Funny. ;)

XOXO – Jessie Pepper

Ps. – SWEETIE, I’M SO SORRY ABOUT THIS MORNING. Please forgive me and I can’t wait to give you a huge hug tonight when you get home!!!

PPs. – Will you grab more almond milk on your way, and why were there crunchy black chunks floating in the pot of coffee this morning? Are you trying to kill me?!

#justkidding #butseriously

Concrete Catwalk [Mini] // Frozen Fingers


Happy Frosty-Friday, Sweetiepies!

I know the pic above pales in comparison to a normal Concrete Catwalk post, but this week has just been TOO DARN COLD to snap a full spread of photos.  (Plus, you’d laugh at my abominable snowman impersonation.)

Thanks for hanging in there while posting has been light over the last few weeks, and while it’s been nice to dedicate more time to Pepperologie & my upcoming online course for bloggers, I’m excited to get my groove back for S&P very soon!

I hope you have a warmy-cozy weekend whereever you are, and let’s hang out if you feel like saying hello!

Top to Bottom // Fur stole via Crossroads Trading, Elbow-length gloves, Old Navy sweatshirt, kate spade coat, balloon skirt & handbag*, Dolce Vita thigh-high boots // * Notes a gifted item