Concrete Catwalk // 3 Ways to Wear Culottes


The switch to a new season has me thinking about Spring trends lately, and honestly – I’ve been feeling like my own style needs a bit of a boost…

After posting some inspiration for wearing culottes last week, I decided to give my own pair a go and was delighted to find that it’s such a versatile look!

Today I’m sharing three of my favorite versions of this trend, and a few quick tips for you gals who may want to try the look for yourself…

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Spice up your Space // Spring Cleaning


We have been cleaning up like crazy over at Casa de Pepper, and while it’s not my favorite activity in the world – I can’t help but breath a huge lemon-scented sigh of relief when all the surfaces are finally clear of clutter and the windows are open to let in the fresh air.

fireplace fiesta

As many of my blog buddies have been doing the same thing lately, I thought it might be fun to share a few of their favorite tips, as well as some of the tricks that my little fam just can’t clean without…

  • Closet clean-out. As you begin to switch out those seasonal pieces, take stock of the cold-weather items that you haven’t worn in the past few months. Do they really need to stick around until next winter? If I haven’t worn it for a full year, it gets a good hard look before going back on the hanger. (And more often than not ends up here or here.)
  • Booze for the bed. “To clean your mattress, you can repurpose something I know you probably have in your house: vodka! Don’t use the good stuff, but put a bit of inexpensive vodka in a spray bottle and spritz onto your mattress to kill bacteria and deodorize.” – Erin Heimstra
  • Brighten with blooms. Ever noticed that your clear glass vases get grimy over time? Soak them in a sinkful of water and white vinegar to get them looking crystal clear before filling with flowers. (Because a simple bouquet makes ANY space look better.)
  • Jump up and dance. “Pick a song that totally energizes you. For me, it’s Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy.” Set your alarm to play that song once a day (at a time that you’re normally at home). When the alarm goes off, stop what you’re doing and clean for the duration of the song. Making your bed is a good place to start!” – Justina Blakeney
  • Loving my lemons. We’ve used them for everything from scrubbing the counters to keeping pests away, and they get a whole lot of love in my kitchen, bathroom + beauty routine! ;)

I’d love to hear your own tips in the comments below, so please share away and I hope you have a sunny, sparkling-clean weekend!

Ps. – I’ve been dying to take a look at The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up… Has anyone read it yet? Worth nabbing on my kindle for the weekend?

Images // Bedroom, Hearth

Concrete Catwalk // Maxi Moment


This maxi dress was one of the vintage treasures that I stumbled across in Austin last month, and it reminded me how much I love welcoming warmer weather with flowy fabric and drapey silhouettes.

The frock you see here felt perfect for a date night + dining alfresco with my Sweet G, and both are activities that we plan to try and recreate this weekend… ;)

(I’m taking him as a reward for getting our taxes finished on time!)

Ps. – In case you happen to be shopping for a little vintage goodness of your own — Check out these billowy palazzo pants and the perfect patterned midi skirt for spring!

IMG_5944 Top to Bottom // Noonday Collection earrings, Marlyn Schiff necklace, Vintage dress from Garment, Steve Madden sandals, Me Char foldover clutch, Vintage bracelets + bangles // * Notes a gifted item. IMG_5991 IMG_5981 IMG_5975 IMG_5949 IMG_5960 IMG_5987 IMG_6011 IMG_5984 IMG_5965

Event // You’re Invited to PepperDinner!

pepperdinner Precious conversations traded across a dinner table like collectable coins. Moments of connection where you feel surprised by the way your heart sees a new friend so deeply.

Creating a community that believes in heading out into the world to do great things has been one of the best parts of my year, and I’d be SO thrilled to have you join us for the very first PepperDinner in NYC next week.

PepperDinner // NYC
April 16th, 6:30

Space is very limited, but we still have a few left right over here (ticket sales will close at Midnight on Wednesday, April 8th)… I would love to meet you in person, and if you can’t make it to this month’s event, please join us for the next PepperBrunch in May!

Eat Live Wear // Chopsticks + Cherry Lips

veggie dumplings I’ll have extra chili sauce with my lacquered chopsticks, thankyouverymuch.

laplace-and-co2 Bright workspaces should be flanked with bold bookshelves.

Le-Fashion-Blog-Lea-Seydoux-Burgundy-Lips-Lipstick-Beauty-Make-Up-Inspiration-Via-Elle-France Bronze cheeks framed by a deep side-part of burnished blonde.

Eat // Live // Wear

What’s inspiring your eating, living + wearing this week?

Ps. – We’re chasing cherry blossoms and celebrating Brother Bear’s birthday in DC this weekend!  Any must-sees/shops/eats that I need to know about checking out? Follow along with our #PepperAdventure right here, and I hope you have a lovely holiday weekend!

Concrete Catwalk // Spotted Shift

IMG_5912 This spotted shift was in my shopping cart for weeks before I pulled the trigger…

I remember thinking “Will I be able to wear such a statement piece often enough to justify the price tag?”

It came in the mail just three weeks ago AND I’ve already worn it five different times (my favorite was from these shots in Austin!), so I’m gunna go ahead and say it was a good call. ;)

Anything you’ve been wearing on repeat lately? Now that we’re back in the Northeast, I’m thinking that I still have time to pair it with some knee-high boots and a tan leather jacket for a spring-time take!

Ps. – My new handbag is another purchase that involved a LOT of thought… I’ve been saving up for a new investment piece for over a year, while patiently waiting for the right one to come along. When I spotted this beauty (that fit ALL of my crazy criteria!) at my favorite consignment store in Texas, I knew it was meant to be mine! ;)  So many things to love about shopping second-hand!

PPs. – In case you’re in the shopping mood, there’s a huge sale happening right over here!

IMG_5845 Top to Bottom // Warby Parker Reilly sunnies*, Capwell earrings*, Equipment dress, Marlyn Schiff necklace*, Old Navy denim jacket, Vintage/various bracelets, Prada tote via Moss Designer Consignment (more online resources right here), J. Crew ballet flats // * Notes a gift item.

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