Color Crush // Lemon Lime

mango green img box cocktail napkin // sunny window // dish soap // bird pattern // python clutch
smoothie bowl // beaded bracelet // street style // framed print

Hola, Chickadees!

Sending you a little Color Crush love-note from sunny Ventura, CA and the citrus-y combo you see here feels perfectly fitting for the warm weather and creative jam-sessions I’ve been enjoying here with my new friends at Craftcation Conference.

I spoke yesterday about when and how to “Let Go” in our businesses, and while we mainly focused on various projects that can be gently retired, I’ve gotta level with you this morning – I’m REALLY ready to let go of winter and am VERY excited about the newness that a fresh season brings.

Anyone else feeling like the seasonal switch is having a positive impact on their personal life?  You know I follow the sun whenever I can, so this jolt of bright color is exactly what I wanted to share as we wrap up the week!

XOXO – Jessie

Ps. – If you happen to be here in SoCal this weekend, I’d love to meet you in real life! Speaking later this afternoon about finding a seamless approach to social media and then again tomorrow about building a confident business from your personal brand… Come give me a hug and I can’t wait to connect!

Life // Breaking Up a Basic Routine


This week’s routine has been far from basic, but the change of scenery was just what The Peppers needed…

Below is a bit of reflection about how even the tiniest tweaks can stir up a stagnant heart, and as we wrap up our adventure in Austin, I’m feeling so thankful for a chance to share these thoughts with you here!

* A quick note to first say much love to Bambeco for the darling dishes and for making this post possible!  Their line of hand-glazed earthenware has become a fast favorite at Casa de Pepper. ;)

Bambeco’s gorgeous line of sustainable home goods was inspired by the question:  What if there was one resource for furnishings and décor where every item could impact the world in a positive way?

Their answer to that question has turned into a vibrant product line and online shop full of earth-conscious conversation-starters for any home! I love that their commitment to high design and authentic approach are both completely evident throughout their site, and I’d love to invite you to read more about their story right here.

IMG_5677 It’s so easy to let our love slip into a place where it feels like just enough.

Sliding past each other in the kitchen and sitting down to stare at our various screens.  Making coffee on autopilot and starting our days without saying much of anything.

IMG_5727 We’re trained to “make it work” while we hustle hard to have it all, but this mindset can trip us up by creating traps of complacency laced with stress.

I’ve watched how even the deepest connections can drain into a shallow pool of day-to-day… Our interactions fueled by checklists marked with chores and errands and calendar requests.

IMG_5702 Even the strongest currents might slowly weaken over time, but I’m blown away by how the tiniest twist of one sail can steer us back on course.

Fancy and lavish and major may be the first things that come to mind, but when vacation time is over (and our spending account bone-dry), it’s often the smallest details that show how our hearts are intertwined.

IMG_5679 Serving a sunny breakfast on these special dishes from Bambeco meant surprising our senses and disrupting a stale routine by ditching our everyday plates. The mind reacts to these differences with delight, and even switching spots at the table gave us a new perspective on the day!

I’d love to hear any other ways that you spice up your daily activities with a tiny tweak… Have you ever experienced a season of being ships passing in the night?

Share your thoughts in the comments below, and be sure to sign up right over here to follow along with our adventures in marriage and life!

This post was kindly brought to you by Bambeco.
Thanks so much for supporting the brands who make this site run. XO


Nutrish & Delish // Asparagus

asparagus final Stroll through any produce aisle this week, and you’ll see that the winter cast of characters is slowly being swapped out for springtime stars.

Asparagus is typically thrown into a supporting role (being the tall, handsome type that his is… a little quiet, but always reliable), yet hopes are high that new storylines will rewards him with the high remarks he deserves.

Today’s Nutrish + Delish features ten ways that Sweet Erin gives this tried-and-true favorite a chance to shine, and I’d love to have you share your own favorite way to serve asparagus in the comments below!

1 // Roasted Asparagus and Blue Cheese Frittata
2 // Shaved Asparagus and Gorgonzola Pizza
3 // Grilled Asparagus Orzo Pasta
4 // Shaved Asparagus and Noodles with Tahini Sauce
5 // Asparagus and Eggs
6 // Barley and Asparagus Omelette
7 // Grilled Asparagus and Chili Orange Quinoa Spring Rolls
8 // Chickpea Cakes with Shaved Asparagus and Yogurt
9 // Quinoa Egg Salad with Grilled Asparagus
10 // Pesto Millet Asparagus and Soft Boiled Eggs

Find more Nutritious & Delicious ingredients right here.

PepperBrunch NYC // March 2015 Recap

jessie + cyndie

Insta by @_lisli

Hopped on a plane headed to Austin this morning (excited to spend the weekend at CAMP as a counselor + speaker), so am letting a few of my favorite instagram snaps tell the story of our PepperBrunch on Sunday…

This month’s theme of “Designing your Dream Career” felt particularly appropriate for a Springtime about to burst with the promise of new blooms and big plans.

plant wall

insta by @ginapaoladesign

Our darling guests showed up ready to share their hearts and souls, and I felt so lucky to spend the afternoon in a space that fosters growth everyday.

dig inn brunch

Insta by @DigInn

Everyone filled their bellies with delicious dishes from Dig Inn Seasonal Market, and even the indulgences were healthier than you might have guessed! ;) (Gluten free cookies FTW!)

nicole + cyndie

Insta by @nicholedotnyc

Our expert, Cyndie Spiegel shared what she’s learned from her own storied path of helping others follow their dreams (here she is squeezing sweet Nichole), and I can’t wait to show you the video full of her juicy knowledge-bombs very soon!

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poppin goodies

Insta by me, @styleandpepper!

Everyone left with a goodie bag from our generous sponsors, and my personal favorites included these pretty Poppin desk accessories (gold + silver leather notebooks = CUTEST), plus a tasty selection of new treats from Nourish Snacks. #yum

I can hardly believe that we’ve connected with over 250 guests at our events in the last few months, and am already excited for what is coming up next in NYC!

You know I’d love to squeeze you in real life, so please consider joining us for conversations on confidence + the well-seasoned study of style. ;)


*Instasnaps by _lisli, diginn, nicholedotnyc, ginapaoladesign + moi

Concrete Catwalk // Buzzing Like Neon


That sign and this skirt just had to be snapped together.

Ever since taking these photos on our way to see Wicked last weekend, I’ve had this old tune stuck in my head… Blame it on the neon lights or the buzz I get from seeing people live out their dreams on stage, but please don’t judge the throwback soundtrack that’s straight out of sophomore year.  ;)

IMG_5739 Top to Bottom // Bauble Bar mismatched earrings, Old Navy sweater, OTTE NY blouse, Drapey leather jacket, Marlyn Schiff necklaces & bracelet*, Brahmin clutch*, Anthropologie skirt (similar), Slouchy suede boots // * Notes a gifted item.

IMG_5761 IMG_5742 IMG_5772 IMG_5791 IMG_5798 IMG_5810 IMG_5830 IMG_5839