Meet The S&P Team!

IMG_3038 AHHHHH – So excited for today’s post I can hardly stand it…

You’re about to get a TRUE peek behind the scenes of S&P, because I’d like you to meet two of the very special gals that help make Team Pepper run.  They’re especially important on the weeks that I’m traveling (like this one!), and it seems quite fitting that I let them take over today while I’m still away. ;)

Thanks, Jessie! We’re really excited about today’s post too, and are happy to share a bit about what fuels Team Pepper behind the scenes!

Keep reading to get a closer look at how our roles make things run, and be sure to check out the fun conversation we had about doodling, dance parties, and our shared love of design…


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S&P TV // Healthy Coco-Macachino

coco maca-chino Monday mornings would be a wash without coffee in our house, but f you’re one of those people (like me!) who loves having as a treat nearly any time of the day or week — This episode of S&P TV is for you!

Today I’m sharing my own version of a fancy coffee-shop blended drink, and this one is SO good for you that you can even use it as a guilt-free, post-workout snack!  The real version has a ton of added ingredients that are not even worth putting in to that precious body of yours, but subbing out a few key items leaves this one tasting great while still delivering a ton of nutrients that you need for a healthy day.

Watch the video to see me whip up the recipe, and I’d love to let me know what you think! ;)

Ps. – Sneak peek of our new kitchen!  Just filmed another set of foodie videos the other day, and can’t wait to share them with you soon!

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Trend Watch // Bold Black Flats

tw black flats 1

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

I am SO tired of my perpetual hunt for The Perfect Black Flat… Every season I continue my search, but it has been a very long time since I’ve found the right pair.  Looking for something that is classic enough to go with everything, yet quirky enough to fit my own personal style – a tough combo, apparently!

The pairs here are all just a leeeeetle too sassy for the go-to that I need, but in case you’ve already got YOUR staples nailed down, I thought I’d share them as a few fun ways to step boldly for Fall. ;)

Let me know which one is your favorite (Robot! Hands-down!), and I’ll fling a monstrous virtual hug to the lass that sends me a lead for my next all-affair swoon-worthy pair!

Ps. – We’re headed to Kansas City for a friend’s wedding today, and you’d better believe I’ve got one of these babies packed in my bag. So excited to watch Tuesday’s game with dear friends, and love that the timing worked out so well! XOXO (#GoRoyals)

S&P TV // Sleeping Tight with my Jawbone UP24

sleepy time

When was the last time you hopped out of bed feeling like you had a GREAT night’s sleep?

Hitting the hay has never been one of my strong suits, but as I shared a few weeks ago — I’ve been trying to stay aware of my bedtime habits in an effort to improve my slumber game!

Today’s episode of S&P-TV has me sharing a bit about my own journey to a good rest, along with some handy tips (and a very useful tech tool) that will hopefully help you figure out your own version of satisfying sleep…

Handy Links from the Episode:

Jawbone UP24 band + app
My favorite nighttime candle
Earplugs that drown out the world (glorious!)
Snuggle-worthy sheets that are so so soft
Curious about caffeine timing? Here are some smarty-pants guidelines.

I honestly don’t think that I would have seen such a drastic difference without the help of my Jawbone UP24, and would love to have you check out the app for yourself and let me know what you think.  (Such a cool deal that you can download it to your phone for free and utilize the handy features before buying the actual band!)

Hoping to continue on my path to becoming a better sleeper (because DUH – more dreaming), and in the meantime – I’ll just go ahead and take all the ZZZZZ’s I can get! ;)

Top image via D*S

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